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Get ready for your first race, a marathon, a half marathon, a 10 km race or just for an easy run for fun
May 15, 2022 race reports
The coach will teach you to
He'll find you motivation and prevent from injuries
Have you ever thought of a marathon as incredible suffering? Profound preparation fills any race with euphoria, joy, happiness and self-confidence.

86% of our students continue their trainings after the first marathon.
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How does it work?
You choose a coach on duty This is a whole team of qualified people responsible for motivation, training plans, long-term development.

You receive tasks, which you get in the telegram bot and on the system page. At the end of the training, you write a report and your coach can check it on his phone
You discuss the results Telemetry from the tracker is uploaded automatically. Statistics and artificial intelligence will give you clues
Inevitable motivation
The trainer on duty carefully analyzes every workout and then comments, supports, guides and inspires. You'll never be alone.
Detailed answers
The trainer knows all the answers: how gadgets work, why the laces on sneakers get untied, what if the pulse is displayed incorrectly, how to run on a treadmill, what you should eat at night and how to stop eating a lot
Accurate tasks
The coach is armed with an artificial intelligence system, incredible experience, intuition and luck. All students achieve their goals, despite the fact that they are very different

Daily adjustment of plans
The duty coach works with amateurs. Work, family, bad mood, business trips, vacation. The students' plans change so are the coach's plans.
The Coach on duty is a team of lively, active, educated specialists: psychologists, methodologists, trainers, gadget experts.
Team leader of coaches Yuri Strofilov

Yuri Strofilov
Team leader of coaches on duty
Marathon World Champion in the age group 55+
Russian record holder in a marathon in the age group 55+
The best result is 2:38:16 London 2021.
The results of my students are much more important to me than my own
A little bit of my Instagram will help you to understand how the training works. If you don't understand, just ask. Direct message me in Instagram or in Telegram
  • Plan for a week
    Every day your workout is analyzed and the plan is changed if necessary
  • Comment each workout
    The coach usually comments within 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Detailed answers
    We use huge preliminary developments, but we are also attentive to individual characteristics
  • Weekly briefing
    We analyze cases, look for the answers to your questions, exchange experiences online
To succeed with registration you'll need an acount in Strava.
75euro per month
5 euro go to the platform expenses, 70 euro are for a coach's work
Our students love us
And we love them back
of students set personal records more than twice a year
of students extend their memberships
4,64 out of 5
Evaluation of the coach's work based on the competition results
Lyubov Bezhan: The coach listens and hears me, jokes, regulates the workout plan

I've been working with the Coach since autumn 2020. It is great to receive tasks and communicate online. I chose the coach on duty, because I didn't get enough attention from a personal trainer. I felt down due to overload, it was difficult and took me a long time to get back to normal. At the same time, I wanted to remain under the supervision of a professional, so that my workouts would be structural
Konstantin Vertoselov: I run six days a week! All thanks to the Coach on duty!
Online training suits me very well. Thanks to my coach, running became regular and consistent! Now I run six days a week! I miss training very rarely and only for good reasons, because I feel responsible to the coach.
Olga Ivanova: with the Coach on duty, I went from 2 to 30 kilometers per training session
Talking about weight loss… unfortunately, nothing helps me without a diet. But everything changed when I started running. At first it was hard, after the first 10 kilometers I was hungry for the rest of the day. Little by little my body adapted to the loads and the appetite decreased

Created by marathon runners and for marathon runners
  • Yuri Strofilov
    The project leader
    "We created the system for ourselves. We made it convenient to communicate online. I train seven times a week, and seven times a week on we discuss the results of training and plan the upcoming events. Nowadays online training has become truly personal. It is exactly the same as working together in the arena. Only better, because there are statistics at hand."
We will be happy to answer all of your questions about the system and running particularly. Follow us now
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