Terms of use
Revised May 18, 2021
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Welcome to the S10.run running community!
The Agreement governs the use of Our platform https://s10.run/ (further referred to as the "Platform"). By using the Platform, you agree to be bound by the Agreement.

We have summarized the most important of it below:

We are SP Strofilov Yuri Alexandrovich, PSRNSP

309784702800095, TIN 780218602395

Our Agreement is subject to change
The Agreement may be amended from time to time. In case we make significant changes, we will post an information notice on the Platform or send you a notification.

Read the terms and if you disagree with them, stop using the Platform. By continuing to use the Platform, you accept the new terms and conditions of the Agreement, subject to the restrictions provided by an applicable law.
The applicable law for the Agreement is the law of the Russian Federation
Privacy Policy
The Policy describes the procedure for processing personal data on the Platform and applies to all cases of using the Platform.
Important information for users
You are responsible for choosing your status on the Platform:
✔️"Student" or

We are not responsible if the use of the Platform results in your inability to select the desired status, in particular the status of a coach.
How can you use the platform?
You are allowed to use the Platform only if you have reached adulthood in accordance with your personal law. By registering on the Platform, you confirm that you are of that age.

Registration on the Platform is based on your Strava profile data. To use certain features of the Platform, you might need special equipment,
that allows you to connect to the Strava service.
Personal law is the law of the country of which you are a citizen
https://www.strava.com or a mobile app

By equipment we mean a mobile phone, a fitness tracker, etc.
You can choose which information from your Strava profile you share with Us
If you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data or deny access to your Strava profile, some features on the Platform may not be available to you.

You can choose one of the following statuses in your personal account:

A basic user status on the Platform
is "Student"

To have a status of "Coach" you need to send an application on the Platform, which is moderated by us
You are free to run with our Platform all over the world and use its functionality, for example:
Share statistical information about training and running
Get access to analytics based on the data received through the Strava service

Participate in the rating system
Receive information about upcoming events

Choose a Coach
Register as a Coach and thereby:

✔️Sign contracts with applied Users

✔️Create your own workouts plans or use templates

✔️Post recruitment ads

✔️Get access to the training calendar of those who signed the contract
Coach is an individual who uses the Website www.s10.run and offers services to other users:

• organizing workouts

• consulting and (or) giving recommendations that may be related to:

- equipment and (or) technical issues

- recommended physical exercises and techniques for their implementation

- offering training goals
The functionality is provided "as it is"

We can change the content and functionality of the Platform at any time without prior notice.

The following services (Premium Features) are available on a monthly fee basis:

✔️Workout templates
✔️Advanced analytics
✔️Advanced infographics
✔️Workout planner

The platform has an auto payment function
Read for more details about the payment procedure here
General rules applied on our Platform
In case of violation of these rules, We are allowed to block Your access to the Platform without a refund.
Be honest
Provide only reliable and up-to-date information
Be yourself
Registration must be personal. Do not register accounts on behalf of others and do not let anyone to access your account

Keep your privacy
Store your data to access the Platform in a safe place
Be responsible
Please, notify us immediately of any illegal use of your account.
You are responsible for the actions committed using your account.

Do not violate the Platform.
Do not take actions to disrupt the operation of the Platform or obtaining unauthorized access to information on the Platform
Follow the rules
Respect community members and do not post content which violates law standards, rights and legitimate interests of third parties

On the Platform we run, but we don't heal
We do not provide and ask you not to provide medical services or other services which require a license, medical qualification, accreditation. Do not offer the provision of such services either.

The information on the Platform cannot be used to make a diagnosis, as well as prescribing treatment or self-treatment.
The platform is our intellectual property
Don't try in any way reproduce the Platform and / or its individual elements (including its source code)

We do not acquire any rights to your copyrighted content
Personal content includes your blog, posts, photos, videos, and so on.
We try to make the Platform available and useful for you!

However, some things don't depend on Us. Therefore we do not guarantee and are not responsible for:

✔️Uninterrupted operation of the Platform or its particular functions. Sometimes we may need time to troubleshoot

✔️The Platform and its content meeting your expectations

✔️Achievement of certain results when using the Platform. Your goals depend mostly on you
Thanks for drafting the agreement