Livenhof challenge. Līvenhofas skrējiens
Start time slot
17-18 November
00:00 - 23:59
UTC+3 (Moscow time)
10 km
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A chance to win a certificate in the lottery
The winner of the competition (using age and gender rating) will get a certificate of BROOKS shoes.

2nd – 6th place will get sponsors and supporters awards.

Top 6 Men and Top 6 Women will get unique awards from Livanu glass factory.

How to entry
1. Create Strava account if you don't have it yet
2. Sign up using your Strava account
3. Entry the race here
4. Proceed with one of the options below
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You can start in any place at any suitable time within the timeframe. platform will compile start and finish protocols automatically and S10 Challenges
This platform is built for online exercises, online competitions and for detecting runners' rating. There are 9000 runners and 300 trainers.

Participants' tracks will be automatically collected and analyzed by the program. Trainers create the training plans based on the tracks and with help of machine intelligence. For independent trainings there is a week planner with machine intelligence available. A lot of competitions are organized to track the progress.

Competitions are available both for platform members and new attendees. The winners' tracks are carefully verified by the mathematical tribunal, and the rating is formed based on the competition protocols.
Below is a bit of boring text with the rules. If you are confident in your abilities, you don't have to read it.
Practice shows that three people out of a hundred do not find themselves in the protocols because they do not read the rules. I wrote this text after reviewing hundreds of appeals. The situations in appeals are surprisingly funny... For all. Except for those who were overly confident in their own abilities.
The most attentive ones win
READ carefully
General rules
The most important

To take part, it is important that you are registered on "Strava" and logged into platform. Your device must be registered on "Strava" and manually or automatically transfer data to "Strava".
Service will inform you about successful registration. There is no email notification. There is no access to start list.
Every competitor can start in any location of their choice. You must run, finish the race and sync your track with the service in the allowed time frame, therefore if you don't send your results in time, they won't be counted.
The distance must be formulated as one run, it can't be divided into multiple.
The run must be not less than the competition distance. We recommend running an extra meters after you reach the distance mark. At the same time, your run should not be longer than the distance more than 1 km.
The track type should be set to "run", any other types won't be considered.

Calculation of distance time

The system calculates time based on the entire track: from start to finish.
Any pause will be included in the result.
"Strava" service's algorithm may decrease the distance which you measure with your gadgets by straightening the trajectory.
Based on the distance received from Strava, platform calculates the time by multiplying the pace by the set distance. So it brings the finish time to the set distance. You don't need to catch meters at the finish.
Running on a treadmill is prohibited, results from running outside will only be counted. If you run less than 10km or try to cheat, you will be disqualified.

Route requirements

Running downhill is prohibited. Intentional usage of terrain to gain an advantage is a violation of the rules. If you are not sure about the route profile, the good solution would be to create a circular route and start and finish the run in the same point.
If you run in a stadium, the distance will be calculated based on the number of laps multiplied by the length of the stadium circle.
The use of any means of transport, including roller skates, any external assistance and any other ways of improving the result is not allowed.

If you're running in a stadium, MAKE SURE to press the button lap, and if your device/app shows that you have run less than 10km, keep running until it reaches 10km, the system will calculate your finish time based on your cutoff on the finish.

Timeline (UTC+3)
The start to take competition is on the 17th of November 00:00, until 18th of November 23:59.
The finished protocol about your run is formulated instantly when you synchronize with "Strava" service. Until the 19th of November, the competitor will only see his results, but after 12:00 will see everybody else's.
Until the 19th of November 23:59, if the competitor experiences some trouble or isn't happy with something, the competitor has the rights to send in complains. On the 20th of November the protocol becomes official, you will be able to download an electrical protocol for 30 days.
You can write complains to :
You must show your ID number from the s10 system.
Important to fill in the information correctly during the registration (Name, Surname, Age, Sex) in the "Strava" profile. Your "Strava" profile must be OPEN!
When logging-in into platform, your data automatically synchronizes with "Strava". will collect all the needed data from "Strava".
The final protocol of the competition is based on the gender and age ratio. To create the final protocol, the men's and women's finish times will be multiplied by a factor. The coefficient algorithm is calculated based on world records in different age groups for men and women separately.
Поддержите проект
Челенджи бесплатные и всегда будут бесплатные. Поддержите проект, переведите немного денег, это позволит нам допиливать новые функции и развивать проект.
The most frequently answered questions
Find the answer or ask your own
read carefully
Race formula
The winner is the one who shows less finish time
The contents of the briefs required for the study. They may contain additions or clarifications to the competition rules, as well as contain additional information about safety during races.
The time of the briefing is published in the telegram channel
Pre-race, post-race, and during-race briefings are publishing in this account:
Ask questions, get answers, and discuss races with your friends here. Immediately join the chat, this is the only correct way to contact the organizers
I am open for your suggestions and comments. I will answer if I have a chance.

Yuri Strofilov
Mathematical tribunal
An independent authority which is responsible for determination of thevalidity of the presence of the participant's track in the finish Protocol. The Tribunal cannot change your finish time. Finish time is determined by a mathematical algorithm based on data from the Strava service. The code of the mathematical algorithm was audited by the Tribunal. The President of the Tribunal is appointed by the founder of the platform, but does not report to him. The members of the Tribunal are appointed by its President.
The President of the Mathematical Tribunal
Anton Prikhodko
Marathon runner
IT company founder
Check-list before the start
Make sure that you are ready. Before the start. This will help you avoid unnecessary difficulties after the finish
Make sure that you are registered. No registration - no result. The current registration link is located on the main page of the service, and available after authorization
Your profile
Here is your profile. Check the gender and age specified in your profile. If there is no data in these fields, the system will consider you a nineteen-year-old boy. In normal life, this may not be a bad thing. But in the final Protocol and rating, you can find yourself in an unexpected place and without prizes.

Pay special attention to the numbers in the address line on your profile page. You can have two profiles in the service, or even three. - this is how your profile should look like. Make sure that you have registered under the same profile that you use in the race, i.e. the numbers after the question mark in registration and in the race are the same.
Time settings
Make sure that you and Strava see your location in the same way. The entire race timing is determined based on universal coordinated time, UTC. If we ignore the hundredths of a second, UTC is almost the time in London. Strava determines the start and finish times according UTC timezone, not according to your local timezone. For example, Moscow is UTC +3. Strava calculates UTC based on the time zone and local time defined by you in the profile. If the time zone is not set correctly, you can start or finish outside the set timeframe. The system will not accept this track.

Make sure that your watch shows the exact time. If your watch is lagging or running away, your track may not get into the race timeframe.

It is especially important to set UTC and the exact time during relay races. If your clock is lagging, the relay tracks may overlap with the previous participant.

Setting the time zone in Strava looks like this:
Race distance
The Protocol includes tracks processed by the Strava service. Strava recalculates the track length using its own algorithms, straightening corners or restoring missing points. Therefore, the track in Strava may be shorter than the distance measured by your device.
If the track is less than the specified distance, we will not be able to accept it.

If the track is more than the specified distance, we will cut it so that its length is exactly equal to the specified distance. For example, you ran 10.3 km. Based on the average speed, we will subtract the time to cover the last three hundred meters from the total time.

At the finish, do not catch centimeters, run a little more. We will apply mathematics to ensure that you get exactly the right meters in the Protocol. Don't run too much, if the distance is longer than the distance by more than 1 kilometer ->DSQ

You don 't need to run downhill, it's a good idea to create a circular route.

If you run around the stadium, count circles, the Tribunal will also count circles. If it will be less -> DSQ
Results and protocol
At the end of the race, you need to sync your device with the Strava service until the window ends. Immediately after that, it is better to go to the S10 platform and find yourself in the Protocol. If you didn't find, click on the "audit" button to see the reason.
And the most important thing
Take the responsbility

Don't cross the road at a red light. Don't hit the kids, their moms and dads. Don't run in forbidden places. Don't look for holes in fences. Don't jump over fences.
Follow the restrictions defined by local and global legislations.
The online race is conducted on the platform
Yuri Strofilov
marathon runner platform founder
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