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Premium Features
A virtual coach, artificial intelligence, graphs, charts and database of live coaches
Workout Templates
We have collected templates created by world-known coaches. You are free to use them, uploading to your workout plan with one click.
Workout templates are based on your race pace for 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and marathon races. The template is added with one click.

2 km warm up + 10 km T42+5 + 2 km cool down is a developing workout at marathon pace plus 5 seconds per kilometer.

The database of templates contains recovery, developing, basic and leading training. We summarize the best world marathon runners' experience and constantly update the database of templates.

Your profile contains a chart of your results, you can choose which of your competitions will fall into the chart. The system automatically recalculates the competitive pace at adjacent distances.

For example, if you ran a marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes, the system will automatically substitute the pace value of 4:34 into the T10. Now Jack Daniels' favorite workout "4 times 2 kilometers at a cruising pace with progression" will look like this:

2 km warm-up + 2 times 2 km at 4:39 + 2 times 2 km at 4:34 after 400 meters jogging + 2 km cool-down.

You can edit the suggested templates and create your own.
Interval Workout Templates
We downloaded the best interval training calculators from previous races and adjusted them to take into account subjective perception and telemetry data.
Interval training templates calculate your VO2max based on your race performance or pace goal. The pace values for interval training are calculated based on VO2max. If you do not manage to complete a workout, you can make the training plan easier. If the workout is too easy, you can either revise your target pace or enter a negative correction.

With one click, the training task is converted into the text and becomes available for editing. For example, you can add the number of repetitions.
We've built graphs and charts to help you create training plans and evaluate your condition.
Kilometers per week
Relation of pulse value and pace
Allows you to evaluate the current state. The heart rate of the current workout, exceeding the average value of the heart rate at this pace, may indicate either non-standard conditions or a non-standard state. Learn more here
Relation of minimal pulse value and time
Shows how the pulse value of running at the optimal pace changes over time. The higher the fitness, the more economical the run, the lower the pulse value. This graph allows you to evaluate your progress.
Mileage per week
The graph allows you to make up training plans based on the previous mileage per week. You can do the same for the whole month.
Weekly planner
A virtual coach will automatically make up a weekly plan for you based on the results achieved, the busyness of calendar and the missed workouts
You fill in the parameters of the plan, choose one or two quick workouts from the templates and artificial Intelligence makes up a plan for a week. Progress and quick workouts are added to the last week's run, the mileage of a long workout is calculated, the training schedule is compiled so as to evenly distribute the load throughout the week. The result is also uploaded into the plan.
The largest base of trainers
Once connected to premium features, you will get access to the full database
There are more than a hundred coaches in the system.
You will see templates of training plans, students' statistics
Coaches will provide you with support, motivation and accurate plans
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