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Do you like running and leading an active life? This is a place for you!
Platform is created by runners and for runners.
All you need for running is right here - on S10.RUN
Weekly challenges
Once a week and sometimes even more often, we organize running challenges. The fastest one doesn't always win. Every week we come up with a new competition formula:
  • run as steady as you can
  • break your personal speed record
  • run with a stable pulse
  • do not fail in a relay race
  • complete the second half of the distance faster than the first … and a dozen other formulas for each week of the season
Diary and training statistics
You can keep track of running workouts and analyze metrics afterwards. Set up different tasks to check the percentage of their completion. We already sync with most devices, phones and watches which have GPS
Fair Rating for Runners
We do not take into account speed. We consider gender, age, progress, absolute results, winning records and regularity. The rating is based on your progress / regress points
Over a 1000 training templates
We've implemented the opportunity of training with artificial intelligence! Programs created by world-known coaches are ready for you. Use them according to your pace, uploading to your plan with just one click. Training templates are based on your race pace for 5 km, 10 km, half marathon and marathon races. You are free to edit the suggested templates and create your own. We downloaded the best interval training calculators from previous races and adjusted them to subjective perception and telemetry data.
The widest range of coaches
You have an access to the full database once you are connected to premium options. You can find yours amongst a hundred coaches. Some of them specialize in fast runners, others in beginners. Someone is working on weight loss, someone is focused on motivation. You will see examples of training plans, students' statistics. We'll make sure our coaches support, motivate and stick to your plan
Live community
We run online 5 Km, 10 Km, 21 Km races and Marathons. We go on relay races and pass the baton online from Oslo to Riga. There are a lot of us - 20 000 thousand people involved in sports. We are everywhere: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Israel, Latvia, Estonia and Germany. We constantly communicate, share experiences and impressions. We help beginners "not to jump off"! today:
20 thousand people involved in sports. 22 countries worldwide. Dozens of corporate clients. Weekly COMPETITIONS. Runners' rating. COACHING SCHOOL. Coaches on duty. Artificial intelligence.
What do athletes say about us?
«It is easier to count the number of challenges I didn't participate in! I only missed a few online-starts on since October. I tried to take part in each one of them»
Dmitry Seregin
«By the end of 2021, I had done 23 online races. Challenges definitely helped me to get through this crazy year - without them it would be boring to train!»
Sergey Ryzhankov
«Challenges help to organize yourself, make you think, plan, analyze. For me, the S10 Challenges became the main highlight of 2021 both mentally and physically»
Irina Chaplygina
Go for a Challenge! online challenges are emotions that not every offline race can provide with:
  • new race formula every week
  • support chat
  • handicap races
  • online relay races
Try now! Impressions. Emotions. New friends. Life experience. Coming up this weekend.

We disassemble each track carefully and check it automatically and manually.
That is why, professional runners choose us and sponsors trust our authority
We run challenges once a week.
Therefore, runners are always able to test their capabilities.
All runners matter. We take into account gender, age, progress and experience of an athlete.
So, it's not boring and everyone has an equal chance of winning.
Run with a trainer is a large coach marketplace and an online training platform with its own workout plans, calculators, artificial intelligence and a CRM system.
The system toolkit prevents coaches from making mistakes in training plans. The calculators set the required level depending on previous achievements.
You receive tasks, write reports and communicate with your coach without any restrictions in the telegram bot. Charts, analytics, statistics, notifications and long-term plans are always at hand.
Get an access to premium features, so you can run faster, get the most out of your running and reach your goals with every workout
What do athletes say about our staff?
Coaching school
There are not enough coaches nowadays. Most of the high-qualified trainers do not work with amateurs. The progress for an amateur is not about training plans, but motivation and compromising between sports, work and personal life. We give lectures on medicine, physiology, training processes, psychology. We teach coaches how to run business, deal with money, write texts, shoot videos, advertise and make money. School coaches go on marathons and work out daily. Lectures and practical classes are taught by a resuscitator, a commercially successful trainer, an author of a book about running, a children's trainer, a traumatologist and a psychologist.
Our news
Try it now! Impressions. Emotions. New friends. Life experience. Coming up this weekend